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Apple files two lawsuits against Qualcomm in China

By Cookie Monster - on 27 Jan 2017, 12:00am

Apple files two lawsuits against Qualcomm in China

Apple is turning up the heat on Qualcomm by filing another two lawsuits in China.

In a statement released by Beijing's Intellectual Property Court and reported by Reuters, Apple has sued Qualcomm seeking 1 billion yuan (US$145.32 million) in damages. Qualcomm is also accused of not fulfilling its promise to license "standard essential patents" broadly and inexpensively. 

The latest lawsuits come days after Apple sued Qualcomm in the U.S for US$1 billion over royalty fees. The U.S Federal Trade Commission also sued Qualcomm for anti-competitive policies. Despite the ongoing legal battles, Qualcomm will continue shipping chipsets to Apple. 

Source: Reuters

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