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Apple discusses the rationale and design choices for the 15-inch MacBook Air

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Jun 2023, 12:05am

Apple discusses the rationale and design choices for the 15-inch MacBook Air

The Apple 15-inch MacBook Air.

Tom's Guide recently had an interview with two Apple executives reveals the company's rationale for launching a 15-inch MacBook Air and the design considerations. 

When asked about the rationale behind launching a 15-inch MacBook Air, Kate Bergeron, Apple's VP of hardware engineering, shared there is a huge segment of the PC laptop space that have 15-inch screens. In addition, Apple knows there is a group of Mac users who do not need the performance of a MacBook Pro yet desire a bigger screen. With Apple silicon, the company saw an opportunity to enter the 15-inch laptop space.

On the question about the specific screen size, Bergeron says the hardware engineering team worked closely with the display team to optimise the number of panels it can fit on a large set of the motherboard glass. They managed to max out the screen size at 15.3-inches, which is deemed a sweet spot that Apple believes customers will appreciate.

While Apple initially planned to make the 15-inch MacBook Air as thin as the 13-inch model, they prioritised reliability performance and durability. The team focused on making the display housing structurally sound. Nonetheless, it was still an engineering feat as the 15-inch MacBook Air is just 0.2mm thicker. 

In fact, Bergeron claims the biggest challenge with the 15-inch MacBook is making it "stiff and durable" so that it represents the level of Apple quality that customers expect. 

On the possibility of experimenting with other materials for the MacBook Air, Bergeron states the company is always exploring other options although CNC aluminium currently offers Apple the flexibility to make the features it wants quickly. Moreover, aluminium is slightly better than magnesium alloy (used by other laptop makers) in the thermal conductivity and durability aspect. The cosmetic finishes that Apple wants for the MacBook Air are only possible on aluminium and not other materials.

You can check out in the source link below for the entire interview. The 15-inch MacBook Air is available for purchase now with prices starting from S$1,899. In our review of the 15-inch MacBook Air, we found it well-priced with great performance in an incredibly slim and relatively light design. However, it only has two USB-C ports and throttling could be an issue for some users.

Source: Tom's Guide

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