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Apple reportedly working on a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Ring

By Shawn Tan - on 21 Feb 2024, 8:45am

Apple reportedly working on a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Ring

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Ring last month reportedly led to Apple accelerating the development of its ring.

Following the introduction of the Galaxy Ring at the Samsung Galaxy S24 event last month, Apple reportedly wants to get into the health ring business too.

ETNews claims that Apple is accelerating the development of its smart ring with multiple registrations of smart ring-related patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office. An industry official reportedly shared that "pre-development for commercialisation is imminent."

Apple has indeed been filing smart ring-related patents over the past few years. A year after announcing the Apple Watch, Apple filed a patent for a ring-style wearable with display, cameras and sensors.

The patent describes the ring-style wearable as a mini-computer that can be operated with the thumb to control the Apple TV's onscreen interface or the iPhone. This is somewhat similar to the patent that Apple filed last November for an electronic system with a near-field wireless communication circuit that can control smartphones and tablets.

While Samsung did not reveal specific details about the Galaxy Ring, there are rumours that it would be offered in multiple ring sizes up to 13, and come in three finishes. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to launch later this year. 

As with most Apple products, the Apple Ring is unlikely to debut anytime soon. There's no question Apple will take its time to monitor the market and refine its own product, so it it will be better than the rest when it launches.

Source: ETNews via 9to5Mac

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