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Apple delays development of AR glasses, working on cheaper mixed-reality headset

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Jan 2023, 12:00am

Apple delays development of AR glasses, working on cheaper mixed-reality headset

Screenshot taken from Front Page Tech's YouTube video on "Apple's AR Glasses! HERE YOU GO! Design, Name, Price, Release date, and more! EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!"

While Apple is gearing up to launch its mixed reality headset before WWDC, the company is said to have paused development of its augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Bloomberg claims Apple's development of AR glasses is hampered by technical issues. Apple initially planned to unveil the AR glasses this year, but was delayed to 2025. However, the development of the AR glasses is now postponed "indefinitely" and work on the device has been scaled back.

According to a 2020 report by Bloomberg, Apple is believed to be working on a pair of lightweight glasses for AR experiences. Codenamed N421, it is expected to deliver an "optical see-through AR experience" and could even integrate with the Apple Car.

The AR/VR team in Apple has shifted its focus on developing a more affordable mixed reality headset. Expected to be priced similarly to the iPhone, Apple is likely to use cheaper components such as chips similar to those in the iPhone and lower resolution internal displays to lower the overall cost of the mixed reality headset.

Apple's first mixed reality headset is rumoured to cost US$3,000 due to the use of advanced technology such as the M2 chip, two ultra-high-resolution 8K displays and sophisticated eye-tracking technology.

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