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Apple could be sourcing 3D camera tech from Sony in 2019

By Cookie Monster - on 29 Dec 2018, 12:10am

Apple could be sourcing 3D camera tech from Sony in 2019

One year after Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhone X, interest in 3D camera technology continues to grow and Sony is said to be in a good position to profit from this trend. 

Bloomberg reports that Sony is boosting production of next generation 3D sensors after several handset makers including Apple indicated their interest. The sensors are believed to be used for the front and rear-facing 3D cameras in some phones next year. 

Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony’s sensor division, claimed that the 3D business is already operating profitably and positive impacts will be seen in the company's earnings from April 2019. 

Sony’s technology is different from the ‘structured light’ approach of existing chips used by rival firms Lumentum and STMicroelectronics NV. Sony uses “time of flight” (TOF) to send out laser pulses and measure how long they take to bounce back, which will create more detailed 3D models and work at distances of five meters. 

Nonetheless, demand for Sony's 3D technology is untested and it is unclear whether there would be sufficient consumer interest in 3D. 

Source: Bloomberg Quint

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