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Apple Business Essentials is coming to help SMBs manage all their Apple devices

By Ken Wong - on 11 Nov 2021, 12:08pm

Apple Business Essentials is coming to help SMBs manage all their Apple devices

It will soon be easier for businesses to manage their employee's devices. Image source: Apple.

SMBs often cite the lack of resources as a reason why they don’t centrally manage employee devices. While there are mobile device management (MDM) solutions out there, Apple has just thrown their hat into the ring with a solution encompassing an MDM solution and iCloud support.

Currently in beta, Apple Business Essentials offers SMBs with up to 500 staff, device management, 24/7 Apple Support and iCloud storage under three price plans. It can assist businesses with everything from device setup to employee onboarding and even comes with an Apple Business Essentials app that enables employees to install apps for work and request support.

Apple Business Essentials allows IT managers to enforce critical security settings such as FileVault for full-disk encryption on Mac, and Activation Lock to protect devices that may be lost or stolen.

Employees who use a personal device at work, are covered by User Enrollment. This creates cryptographic separation for work data, to ensure employee data remains private while company data remains secure.

Businesses also have the option to add prioritised Apple Support for their devices with AppleCare+ for Business Essentials. Under this subscription, they get 24/7 access to phone support, training for both IT administrators and employees, and up to two device repairs per plan each year.

The subscription service offers a three-tiered price plan, customisable to support up to three devices per user and up to 2 terabytes of iCloud storage starting at US$2.99 a month. While in beta now, it is expected to be fully available in Spring 2022.  

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