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Apple Attacked by Hackers, Will Issue Malware Removal Tool Soon *Updated*

By Kenny Yeo - on 20 Feb 2013, 5:06pm

Apple Attacked by Hackers, Will Issue Malware Removal Tool Soon


**Updated at 20/2/13 as 5:05hpm: The malware removal tool has been released by Apple. Mac users can click on "Software Update" to download the latest Java update to remove the malware as well as the vulnerability.

According to a statement by Apple, the company was earlier attacked by hackers. However, the company is quick to say that "there was no evidence that any data left Apple" and that no user information was compromised.

Apple also said that the hackers infected a "small number" of their computers using a Java vulnerability. These infected computers have since been identified and quarantined. It also said that the attack used the same malware that was recently used to attack Facebook and other companies.

The Cupertino company is the latest in the string of American companies and organizations to be targeted by hackers. And according to a person familiar with the incidents, hundreds of companies, including defense contractors, have been infected with the same malware. The person speculated that the malware originated from China, but so far, there's no concrete evidence. In addition, the Chinese government has vehemently denied any part in these hacking activities.

Back to Apple, the company said that they will release an updated Java malware removal tool soon.

Source: Reuters, The Verge


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