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Apple adds MacBooks with M1 series chips to its Self Service Repair program

By Kenny Yeo - on 23 Aug 2022, 10:32am

Apple adds MacBooks with M1 series chips to its Self Service Repair program

(Image source: Apple)

Apple is expanding its Self Service Repair program to a handful of MacBooks. The program, which was first announced last year and later launched in the US earlier this year, was designed to let users with experience carry out repairs on certain components of their Apple devices.

And today, Apple is handing a select number of MacBooks to the programs. The MacBooks in question are the 2020 MacBook Air, 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro, as well as the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro. In other words, MacBooks that are powered by Apple's M1 family of chips.

Apple will let users carry out a range of repairs including the display, trackpad, speakers, battery, logic board, and more.

Prices for the parts will vary too. According to a report, Apple charges US$12 for an audio board, US$29 for speakers, and around US$580 for a new logic board.

These prices, it's worth mentioning, are after trading in your old components. This encourages recycling because Apple will recirculate these components after they have been refurbished. 

And even if the components are too damaged to be salvaged, Apple will still give you a hefty discount. According to the same report, a logic board will cost nearly thrice if you don't send your old one back.

And don't think you can use this Self Service Repair to perform aftermarket upgrades. Apple is well aware that users could, for example, send their old logic boards with 8GB of memory in and ask for new ones with 16GB instead.

The program only applies to MacBooks powered by the M1 family of chips.

The discounts that they are giving on new parts are only applicable if you send in a part with the same SKU. You will need to pay full price if you are buying a new logic board with more memory or storage and it will be priced accordingly. 

As is the case with their iPhone Self Service Repair program, Apple can provide tools if you wish to undertake the task of repairing your own MacBook. The tools are custom-designed and the entire kit can be rented for US$49. Apple is covering shipping costs of the kit and users will have a week before they need to return it.

This program for MacBooks will be available for US customers starting now. And if it's the same as the iPhone program, it will be rolled out to Europe first before coming to other parts of the world. No word yet on when this might be available in Singapore.

Source: Apple, Techcrunch

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