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Apple acquires artificial intelligence firms Perceptio and VocalIQ

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Oct 2015, 10:05am

Apple acquires artificial intelligence firms Perceptio and VocalIQ

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Apple has just confirmed that it has made two recent acquisitions. The terms of both acquisitions were not disclosed and an Apple spokesperson said that the company buys smaller companies from time to time and that they generally do not disclose their plans for them.

The first acquisition is VocalIQ, a startup that is based in U.K. and specializes in natural language processing. It is believed that Apple acquired VocalIQ to improve Siri's speech capabilities and to allow Siri to have longer, more natural conversations.

The most recent acquisition is that of Perceptio, a firm that focuses on technologies that will allow advanced artificial systems, specifically imaging recognition systems, to run on smartphones without needing or sharing as much user data.

Current image recognition systems rely greatly on cloud computing, offsite servers and the Internet to work.

Though it is clear that Apple wants to avoid this and minimize the amount of user data that is being shared and also to offload more processing onto the phone itself, what's unclear is how imaging recognition will fit into their iPhone ecosystem at this point.

A Photos app that automatically sorts photos? Any guesses?

Source: AppleInsider, Bloomberg

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