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These 9 Apple devices are expected to have OLED screens by 2027

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Nov 2023, 8:00am

These 9 Apple devices are expected to have OLED screens by 2027

The iPad mini is said to adopt OLED in 2026.

It looks like Apple is about to make a huge transition to OLED displays as a whopping 9 Apple devices are expected to switch to OLED displays by 2027.

According to ETNews, the first Apple product to switch to OLED displays will be the iPad Pro. And it says that the iPad Pro lineup will switch to OLED next year.

The iPad Air and iPad mini are scheduled to adopt OLED displays in 2026, with the latter getting a slightly bigger screen at 8.7-inch (versus the current 8.3-inch).

The 12.9-inch iPad Air, which is rumoured to debut next year, will get an LCD at first but will also be upgraded to an OLED display later in 2027.

Both the iPad Air and iPad mini are unlikely to support 120Hz ProMotion as ETNews claims a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) panel and single-stack low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) panel will be used for the iPad Air and iPad mini respectively.

ETNews also reports that the OLED panel in the iPad Pro will be upgraded in 2027 with a new generation panel that has better light efficiency due to the use of Colour Filter on Encapsulation (CoE). This might enable the integration of an under-display camera on the iPad Pro.

For the MacBook, OLED displays will come to the 16-inch MacBook Pro first in 2025. The 14-inch MacBook Pro will be next in 2026, and then the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Airs will get OLED displays in 2026.

Overall, it will take Apple at least three years to switch to OLED for these 9 devices. OLED panels are known to be brighter, have higher contrast ratios, deliver deeper blacks and offer better power efficiency compared to LCD panels.

Source: ETNews via MacRumors

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