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Aorus is venturing into high-end gaming monitors with the 27-inch AD27QD

By Koh Wanzi - on 16 Jan 2019, 11:19am

Aorus is venturing into high-end gaming monitors with the 27-inch AD27QD

Aorus AD27QD

Aorus is getting into the gaming monitor space with the AD27QD, a 27-inch display with a bunch of nifty features designed to give you an advantage in game. The company is calling this a "tactical display", thanks to things like the built-in Aim Stabilizer that supposedly helps you reduce the blur from high recoil guns in shooters and a frame rate counter.

Of course, all this does sound a little gimmicky. The GameAssist OSD lets you add a customizable crosshair to your game to make up for the times when you don't have one, but it still sounds like one of those things that have questionable utility in practice. Nevertheless, all this runs on the monitor itself, so games won't detect it as cheating. 

That said, the monitor still has a pretty impressive feature set that will confer more tangible gains. For starters, it boasts a crisp 2,560 x 1,440-pixel IPS display and a 144Hz refresh rate, so you should enjoy better color reproduction, wider viewing angles, and butter-smooth gameplay.

There's no support for NVIDIA G-Sync, but you're not going to miss it that much with a high refresh rate panel like this one. It is FreeSync-compatible though, in case you're using an AMD graphics card. 

Better still, Aorus is claiming up to 95 per cent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and support for HDR, albeit on the lower-end with VESA's DisplayHDR 400 certification. Furthermore, despite its IPS panel, the company says the screen has a speedy 1ms response time. 

Image Source: Gigabyte.

One standout feature is the built-in active noise canceling that helps filter out background noise from any headset you plug into the monitor, which means your teammates should technically be able to hear you more clearly. The display has dedicated headphone and microphone jacks, so you'll be able to hook up your own peripherals easily. It also has two USB 3.1 (Gen 1) ports that support fast-charging at 5V/1.5A.

Unsurprisingly, RGB lighting makes an appearance here as well. Aorus says it used digital LEDs, which you can control using the company's RGB Fusion software and sync up with compatible components and devices. 

The monitor supports a wide range of ergonomic adjustments as well, and you can swivel, pivot, tilt, and adjust the height of the stand. There are also dedicated cable management features, including a rubber cable tie below the ports and a cutout in the bottom of the stand for routing cables. 

The Aorus AD27QD retails at US$599

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