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Antec Diversifies its Product Portfolio at Computex 2012

By Kenny Yeo & Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 7 Jun 2012, 2:17pm

Antec Diversifies its Product Portfolio at Computex 2012

With Computex 2012 in full swing, Antec gets into the thick of things with the release of new products. Leveraging on their expertise and know-how, they have released the HCP-1300 Platinum PSU, which is intended to be a successor to the HCP-1000. The new product is sleeved and has Stealth Wire cables which should integrate seamlessly into your setup. Available connectors also allow users to set up 4-way SLi or CrossFire with minimal hassle. The HCP-1300's platinum rated efficiency should also help shave off dollars from your electric bill.

The HCP-1300 Platinum is the new PSU from Antec.

Moving away from their core competencies, Antec has also decided to diversify its product portfolio by introducing a new lineup of audio peripherals under the title of a.m.p. Apart from audio accessories, Antec has also released a slew of mobile charging devices. The reason for doing so, we're told, is that with the proliferation of smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it makes sense for Antec to develop product for these markets too. However, computer casings and PSUs will remain as company's core products and main focus - the company has just updated its popular P280 casing.

Antec is diversifying its portfolio with the introduction of audio peripherals under the title of a.m.p.

Included in the lineup are earphones, which focus on delivering on both form and function. The is is the "iso", a Bluetooth earphone with active noise-canceling technology.

The Antec "mix" is a portable Bluetooth speaker system not unlike the Jawbone Jambox.

The Antec AP-6000 mobile charger has a 2A USB 2.0 port and provides 6000 mAh of charge and will automatically turn itself off when the device is fully charged.

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