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Antec Announces New a.m.p. Wireless Speaker Products at Computex 2013

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Jun 2013, 2:01am

Antec Announces New a.m.p. Wireless Speaker Products at Computex 2013

Antec is focusing on strengthening and expanding its a.m.p. portfolio of products this year.

If you frequent our forums, the term “Sharing is Caring” should be familiar to you. For 2013, Antec is focusing their efforts on products that will help you share your music. This year they have debuted no less than three new wireless speaker products. Here’s a quick look at all three of them.


The Antec SP1+ has new NFC capability for easy pairing of devices to stream and share music.

The SP1+ is a revision of the older SP1 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that we reviewed a few months ago. The SP1+ has all the features of the older SP1 such as dual speaker drivers and Antec’s unique dBs1 technology, but has been further refined and tweaked. Most importantly, it features NFC technology for easy pairing of devices, allowing users to quickly and easily share their music with others. One can also use its NFC technology to pair it with another SP1+ speaker for a wider soundstage. The SP1+ will come in a multitude of colors such as pink, red, yellow and green.


The SPzero featues handles that can be used to strapped to belts or bags.

At half the size of the SP1, the new SPzero is the baby of the a.m.p. portable wireless Bluetooth speaker family. Like the SP1 and SP1+ the SPzero features dBs1 audio technology, but only has a single audio driver. The handles on top lets users hook it to their bags or even their belts. The SPzero can also be daisy-chained with additional SPzero speakers for a more authoritative sound. This, along with its portability, makes it great for bringing to outdoor parties and picnics. It will also be available in black.


Although, the Antec a.m.p. SP3 is significantly bigger, it also packs a more powerful, authoritative sound.

The SP3 is the largest of Antec’s portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and has been designed with dBs1 technology and a frequency-tuned amplifier to provide an authoritative sound with powerful, punchy bass. As an aesthetic touch and for easy portability, the SP3 also has a vintage full grain leather carrying strap. This is the speaker of choice if you need something more substantial than both the SP1+ and SPzero.

We had a listening preview of all three systems, and although it was too loud to draw any definitive conclusions, the SP3 did sound promising. Best of all, we have been told that much like the older SP1, the three new a.m.p. speakers would be priced attractively.

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