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Another Flash Player exploit has been discovered, please disable Flash now

By Alvin Soon - on 13 Jul 2015, 3:18pm

Another Flash Player exploit has been discovered, at this point we should all just...

Yet another zero-day exploit for Flash Player has been discovered, just one week after the last one. Adobe has updated its security advisory and says it will release a patch this week, although it hasn't specified when.

TL,DR; At this point, you should at least disable your browser's Flash Player, or consider uninstalling it altogether.

Zero-day exploits are nasty, they refer to previously unknown vulnerabilities in the software for which no fix currently exists. Which means that malicious cybercriminals can use the latest Flash Player zero-day exploit to install all sorts of malware onto your computer, just by you visiting a website and having Flash play in the background.

This isn't just theory. Malware taking advantage of the previous zero-day exploit have already been found in the wild. Adobe issued an emergency patch (version for it, and if you didn't update your Flash Player last week, you should do so right now

This latest zero-day exploit is still out there, however, and there is no fix for it right now. So, to keep you and your PC/Mac safe, we advise you either disable your browser's Flash Player for the next few days and wait for Adobe's patch, or just uninstall Flash Player altogether.

Source: PC World

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