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Another Chinese phone maker caught cheating on benchmark tests

By Cookie Monster - on 21 Oct 2018, 12:30am

Another Chinese phone maker caught cheating on benchmark tests

The Oppo Find X is delisted on the 3DMark's benchmark leaderboard.

More than a month after Huawei was caught cheating on benchmark tests, another Chinese phone maker was found to be doing the same thing and had two of its phone models delisted. 

The Oppo Find X and F7 have been delisted from the 3DMark's benchmark leaderboard after UL (the company that makes 3DMark) tested the phones with a private version of the benchmark. UL found that the two phones scored 41% higher with the publicly available app than the private one.

ULrealized that the phones were programmed to allocate more system resources for benchmarking apps to get better scores. When questioned on the results, Oppo admitted that the company was specifically identifying 3DMark. 

“When we detect that the user is running applications like games or 3D Benchmarks that require high performance, we allow the SoC to run at full speed for the smoothest experience.” - Oppo 

Source: The Verge

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