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Anker wants you to join them as they move into 3D printing with the AnkerMake M5

By Ken Wong - on 7 Apr 2022, 1:36pm

Anker wants you to join them as they move into 3D printing with the AnkerMake M5

Anker's AnkerMake M5 has the specs on paper to look like it will succeed. Image source: Anker.

Peripheral manufacturer Anker wants you to join them as they branch out into something new.

3D printing.

They’ve just launched their new AnkerMake brand and their first product under this, the AnkerMake M5, is now on Kickstarter where it's already more than US$3 million over its funding goal.

While we can’t say for sure how good it will be, the specs provided show that Anker is making a serious challenge and does not want to be a one-off wonder.

With a retail price of US$759, the company claims that the AnkerMake M5 is a simple three-step assembly process and will be five times faster than any other 3D printer in the market now with a standard print speed of 250mm/s.

But print speed aside, to reduce errors, Anker is including a built-in camera to monitor all print jobs and alert the user if there is any deviation from the print quality expected. The camera can also create a timelapse of all print jobs so you can view and share them online.

As with all modern devices, there is an app so you can also print and monitor the M5 remotely. Anker says you’ll be able to start, track, pause, and even modify print jobs with the app.

With the early bird tiers already gone, those wanting to jump on Anker’s 3D bandwagon should do so soon before the project runs out of time.


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