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Android users can now top-up oBike ride credits through EZ-Link card

By Liu Hongzuo - on 3 Oct 2017, 12:02pm

Android users can now top-up oBike ride credits through EZ-Link card

From today (3rd October 2017) onwards, the EZ-Link card designed for buses and MRT rides can be used to pay for oBike rides. To top-up their oBike wallet, a user needs only to tap their contactless card against their Android OS smartphone when they are in the bike-sharing app.

"As a homegrown and leading bike-sharing operator in Singapore, oBike is thrilled to partner EZ-Link in supporting all Singaporeans on their journeys; whether it is on their first or last mile commute, or simply having a family day out. With the added convenience of being able to top up their oBike wallets via EZ-Link, we hope to empower all users across ages and lifestyle needs, to travel seamlessly whenever they hop on an oBike,” said Mr. Edward Chen, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of oBike.

Paying via EZ-Link card require the user to top-up their oBike wallets with the contactless card.

The option to pay via EZ-Link card will appear as a top-up option in the oBike app. A user can move digital cash from their card to the app by selecting “EZ-Link M-Payment” when it’s available as an option. There are no extra charges should a user choose to top-up and pay with EZ-Link cards. In the future, oBike will support the refunding of said credits back into the EZ-Link card. This payment solution is the effort of MGG Software.

oBike's new payment method isn’t the only bike-sharing service that allows EZ-Link card payments. SG Bikes, a local bike-sharing startup firm, adopts a different implementation: you can eliminate the smartphone from the equation since SG Bikes lets you link an EZ-Link card to the app. Rides can be completed with just a contactless card, and the card can be subsequently shared across different riders.

Here’s our ultimate guide to paying with your smartphone in Singapore.

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