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AMD partners with Arena to optimise and enhance next-gen Radeon GPUs using AI

By Aaron Yip - on 9 Apr 2024, 4:28pm

AMD partners with Arena to optimise and enhance next-gen Radeon GPUs using AI

Image Source: AMD

Arena, known for its work in developing AI foundation models, has recently announced a partnership with AMD to expand the use of its Arena Atlas tool. This tool is the first of its kind, designed specifically for testing and optimising the newest semiconductor technologies.

Throughout the past year, AMD has been piloting Atlas with its AMD Radeon GPUs, taking advantage of the tool's ability to quickly identify improvements in power and performance. This allows AMD's engineers to redirect their focus to other areas, which has helped to enhance productivity and speed up the development of new products. Essentially, Atlas introduces an AI-driven layer to the process of semiconductor testing and configuration, aiming to deliver improved devices to both end consumers and professionals.

What sets Atlas apart is its proficiency in interpreting multimodal data, including but not limited to power curves, thermal profiles, and streaming HD video. This capability enables Atlas to autonomously conduct tests and adjustments, reducing the workload on engineers and possibly shortening the timeline for new product introductions.

Pratap Ranade, co-founder and CEO of Arena, also hinted at broader applications for Atlas in the future, including debugging, root cause analysis, and aiding in the design of more advanced chips and electronics. This partnership not only highlights the current benefits of integrating AI into semiconductor testing but also suggests a future where AI plays a central role in the design and development of chips and other complex electronics.

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