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AMD Faces Radeon HD 6900 Hiccups?

By Kenny Yeo - on 9 Nov 2010, 10:51am

AMD Faces Radeon HD 6900 Hiccups?

The new Cayman-powered Radeon HD 6900 cards is facing some hiccups and according to rumors, its launch could be delayed. The reason? According to sources in Taiwan, AMD's latest are facing yield issues no thanks to TSMC, the foundry tasked with producing chips for AMD.

Tom's Hardware - If various sources based within Taiwan are to be believed, then AMD and its manufacturing partner TSMC has encountered some problems in generating enough volume for a planned November 22 release. The issues are bad enough that test yields amount only in the single digits.

It seems odd that AMD would face yield issues considering that, architecturally at least, Northern Islands isn't really a big leap forward from the older Evergreen. To read the original article, click here.

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