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AMD is releasing an update soon to fix Ryzen 3000's launch issues

By Koh Wanzi - on 30 Jul 2019, 10:47am

AMD is releasing an update soon to fix Ryzen 3000's launch issues

AMD has released a beta chipset driver to try to address the problems with its Ryzen 3000 processors and Destiny 2. Since Ryzen's early July launch, gamers have found that they are unable to run Destiny 2 on their Ryzen 3000 chips.

AMD originally released the AGESA microcode update to try to fix the problem, but that was pulled within a few days due to a technical issue. The latest update is still in beta though, and Robert Hallock, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at AMD, issued an open invitation on Reddit for gamers to help the company test the beta driver. His post also contained details about AMD's efforts to keep users updated on the latest issues and what they've been doing to address the complaints at launch. 

For example, he provided a link to a previous post where he detailed AMD's findings on user complaints about high idle voltages. To summarize, some monitoring tools are interpreted by the CPU as a workload that requires the core to boost, and CPU-Z is the only one that can give you the correct idle voltage. There are other things you should check as well, such as ensuring that no other monitoring apps, including things like Corsair iCUE or NZXT CAM, are running in the background. 

Hallock has since updated his original Reddit post to say that the company has collected sufficient feedback to take the necessary next steps, so the beta driver is no longer available for download. A cursory look at the comments shows that the update seems to be working, so you can probably look forward to an actual fix soon. 

In fact, AMD has said that you can expect a "comprehensive update coming for you regarding the WHEA warnings in the Windows Event Log; Destiny 2 game launch; and desktop idle behaviour" later today. 

Source: AMD

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