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An AMD AM4 motherboard has been spotted in the wild

By Koh Wanzi & John Law - on 8 Jun 2016, 6:12pm

An AMD AM4 motherboard has been spotted in the wild

A wild AM4 socket motherboard has been spotted on the Internet, along with what seems to be AMD's new top of the line, Bristol Ridge APU, the A12-9800. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

Remember when AMD gave its Bristol Ridge APU its debut during COMPUTEX 2016 last week? Well, now that that cat is out of the bag (along with its more CPU-oriented Zen cohort), pictures of the APU’s accompanying AM4 motherboards are already seeing first light on the Internet.

As per a report by WCCFTech, an image of the elusive AM4 motherboard was spotted out in the wild. Specifically, the motherboard in the picture was to be used inside a HP Desktop PC. Judging from the picture, the motherboard seems to be a custom OEM design board, with just some basic I/O features and ports.

The AM4 socket essentially uses the same pin layout as AMD’s previous AM3+ design, along with the same lever at the side which pushes the APU in and out of the socket. Also, if you look at the picture closely, the motherboard seems to lack the 24-PIN ATX connector, a point that further reinforces the board’s custom made nature.

Upon further inspection, the motherboard also seems to have two SATA 6GB/s ports and two USB 3.0 internal headers. Because AMD’s new AM4 socket was designed to make use of next-generation memory, the motherboard also supports up to four slots of DDR4 DIMM memory.

Image source: WCCFTech.

On the subject of Bristol Ridge, the APU in the picture is apparently AMD’s flagship A12-9800 APU, which comes with a core clock of 3.80GHz. The chip features eight GCN Compute Cores, and offers up to 512 Stream processors.

Here's a spec sheet showing the difference between AMD's new Bristol Ridge APU and its predecessors. <br> Image source: WCCFTech.

Source: WCCFTech.

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