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Alienware's 2024 gaming notebooks: The m16 R2 gets a revamp while the x16 R2 and m18 R2 get upgrades

By Aaron Yip - on 10 Jan 2024, 4:33pm

Alienware's 2024 gaming notebooks: The m16 R2 gets a revamp while the x16 R2 and m18 R2 get upgrades

Alienware m16 R2. Image: Dell

Dell has quite a fair bit going on with its range of Alienware gaming notebooks at CES 2024: the Alienware  m16 R2, x16 R2, and the behemoth m18 R2.

For starters, the m16 R2 is the star this year and sports significant upgrades, while its pricier siblings, the x16 and m18, boast more subtle improvements. Intel's leap to Core Ultra and 14th Gen processors, coupled with expanded storage options, are all coming to the x16 and m18 – although they are nothing like the m16's overhaul.

Alienware seems to have finally listened to its user base with the new m16 R2. Shrinkage is in, and bulk is out. The m16 R2's slimmer profile is a breath of fresh air, moving away from the hefty giants that have been the norm. Dell says this iteration trims the fat by 15%, adopting Intel's Ultra H Series processors, without losing its core gaming capabilities.

However, the slimmer design of the m16 R2 comes with a caveat. The device limits its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-Series graphics card options to the RTX 4070, and that’s not a bad thing since we have seen how an RTX 4080/4090 Laptop GPU more often than not suffer from serious throttling issues due to the lack of good thermal efficiencies from space constraints in a smaller chassis. In short, you’re really going to be wasting good money and an RTX 4070 in a slimmer m16 R2 is simply more practical – it’s suitable for those looking for an everyday gaming notebook without the highest-spec graphics.

The m16 R2 comes standard with a 240Hz QHD+ display, options of Intel Core Ultra 7 155H or Core Ultra 9 185H processors, up to 64GB of DDR5 memory, and a crazy 8TB SSD storage.

Alienware x16 R2. Image: Dell

For those seeking more muscle, the Alienware x16 R2 also gets a 2024 facelift. A notable upgrade is its standard 240Hz QHD+ display, a leap from last year's 165Hz. Under the hood, it matches the M16 R2 with the same processor and storage options, enhanced Cryo-tech Cooling, and Wi-Fi 7 readiness. For graphics, there’s a choice of either a low-end RTX 4060 right up to the top-of-the-line RTX 4090.

While the x16 R2’s updates are incremental, it’s still exudes the same premium build and power.

Alienware m18 R2. Image: Dell

The m18 R2, in contrast, sticks to its guns as a desktop replacement, eschewing any pretense of portability. Dell has upped its game with 270W of total performance power, Intel Core HX processors, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 to 4090 graphics options. The m18 R2's storage capacity also gets a bump to 10TB. However, its persistence with a 165Hz QHD+ display seems like a step backward when not only is the competition moving to 240Hz offers but even its siblings above too.

The Alienware m16 R2, x16 R2 and m18 R2 will be available on as well as at Dell exclusive stores in Singapore, but pricing and the exact launch date will be announced separately.

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