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AIBotics 2020: A new AI and Robotics event themed around "Augmenting Human Potential"

By Ken Wong - on 20 Jan 2020, 1:13pm

New AI event to be themed around “Augmenting Human Potential”

APARA (Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association), and Sphere Exhibits (a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings), is hosting a new trade show to drive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics.

APARA is a non-profit organization founded to help users of technology to place emphasis on the Augmentation of Human Potential by studying the aspects of the Ethical and Responsible use of AI and Robotic applications.

The inaugural AIBotics 2020 event will be held at Resort World Sentosa, Singapore, from 12 to 14 May 2020, and comprise a week of activities around the theme of “Augmenting Human Potential”.

Both a trade exhibition and conference, AIBotics 2020 will include AI-related forums and roundtables for Academia and Industry partners and focus on bringing users and suppliers of technologies together to discuss the ethical and responsible applications of AI and Robotics innovations.


No fear of AI

Oliver Tian, a former President of Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), an Honorary Advisory Mentor of APARA and the Organizing Chair of AIBotics 2020 said, "We need to gain deep understanding of issues and consequences relating to solutions derived from converging technologies which build AI and Robotic applications in order to experience inspiring and motivating connections between humans and machines.”

In fact, while selective jobs may be automated for improvement reasons, new jobs will be created, and the World Economic Forum has clarified that the net increase in jobs is expected to exceed 58 million globally by 2022.

Shanlynn Lee, President of APARA, “We wish to convey a very relevant message to the business enterprises and society at large, that AI and Robotics technologies MUST be leveraged to augment human potential. As such, by understanding applicable technologies and how it can be leveraged to re-design our future of work, the human workforce and management can re-skill to become ‘masters of technology’.”

The growth of AI will depend on a confluence and not a single factor Tian said commenting on the use of 5G driving AI adoption. 

"The recent popularity of AI cumulated from a variety of reasons such as the surge in computing power, high-speed connectivity of the Internet, low storage costs, the miniaturization of processing chip, and new discoveries in algorithmic design to name a few. 5G simply increases the bandwidth to enable higher quality transmission of data so while the arrival of 5G is timely, as the other factors have solidified the foundation, without the other precursor factors, 5G may render helpless," Tian added.


AI everywhere and by everyone

All sorts of tech vendors are banking on AI it seems.

The Expedia Group -- which comprises travel brands such as Expedia, Trivago, Orbitz, Vrbo and Hotwire among others -- employ human research teams that run human research and experiments to help them build better products.

NVIDIA has developed “the world’s smallest, most powerful AI supercomputer for robotic and embedded computing devices at the edge.”  This will allow them to push the analytics portion of AI to the edge for faster responses.

Huawei opened an AI lab in Singapore to test Proof of Concept ideas with industry and education partners before they get deployed into real-world situations. They are also working with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to address any AI skills shortfall.

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