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Agoda introduces a price freezing feature to “hold” hotel prices for 14 days

By Liu Hongzuo - on 13 Dec 2022, 5:56pm

Agoda introduces a price freezing feature to “hold” hotel prices for 14 days

Freeze this price? Yes, please. Image: Agoda.

Popular flights-and-accommodation bookings platform Agoda is introducing a new “price freeze” feature, letting users “hold” their preferred accommodation’s booking price for up to 14 days.

According to its official statement, users can “lock” the price of hotel listings with a small deposit, which essentially chope (reserves) the hotel booking. The “price freeze” lasts for 14 days, or until the user ready to complete payment. This feature allows users to capitalise on deals without deciding on travel plans immediately.

Agoda also said that users who choose not to go ahead with their frozen booking would lose the deposit. In our view, that’s better than losing the whole reservation because of strict terms and conditions when booking rooms.

For those not in the know – flight and hotel prices aren’t only subjected to supply and demand, but they are also affected by the number of times you’ve viewed the listing and have very specific dates for promotions or deals. Freezing prices, while a minor solution to the booking industry’s major practices, still offers some certainty to your budgeting and scheduling needs.

Example of using Freeze Price with the hotel booking on Agoda. Image: Agoda.

To use Price Freeze, Agoda users should tap the “freeze price” button on the accommodation listing, follow through on the booking process, and pay the required deposit. The feature works on specific room types if you tap the option under each room’s categories.

Price Freeze on Agoda will be available on all its mobile and desktop web platforms in Early 2023.

Source: Agoda

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