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Adobe's Lightroom Mobile Enables Photo Editing on the Move

By Marcus Wong - on 8 Apr 2014, 4:07pm

Adobe's Lightroom Mobile Enables Photo Editing on the Move

Edit and organize your photos everywhere with Lightroom Mobile, says Adobe as it unveils an iPad version of the powerful desktop photo editing and organisation app. Lightroom Mobile can be used as a standalone app, but it’s really meant to be an extension of Lightroom on your desktop as it automatically syncs collections of photos between the two apps.

The mobile version includes most of the desktop version’s editing tools, including the sliders within its Basic pane - exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, color temperature and more. The crop tool and Adobe’s built-in tone presets make the jump to the mobile version, and histograms can be viewed with a two-finger tap.

Adobe’s Smart Previews turn giant RAW files into tiny compressed ones that maintain enough data for you to really modify your file, which means you’ll be able to perform fairly complex edits and see the results almost immediately. You won’t be able to directly tweak tone curves, use custom presets or modify individual color attributes, but all edits are losslessly synced over to the desktop when you’re done on your iPad so you can simply start-up Lightroom 5 on your desktop to finish off.

Lightroom Mobile is free to download, but you need to be a Creative Cloud member to use it, which means you have to subscribe to at least the US$9.99 per month photo package. An iPhone version is slated for later this year, with an Android version coming after.

Sources: The Verge, Adobe

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