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Adobe to deliver Creative Cloud experience on mobile

By Dr. Jimmy Tang - on 7 Oct 2014, 9:34am

Adobe to deliver Creative Cloud experience on mobile

At the Adobe MAX 2014 conference today, Adobe announced that it will deliver feature updates to 13 of its Creative Cloud applications as well as new mobile apps that integrate and enhances the creativity experience of its desktop apps. The new feature updates come just months after its last major update in June this year, signalling Adobe's commitment to continue enhancing its applications while giving subscription users value with shorter application refresh. Some of the more significant application enhancements include new 3D print features and enhanced Mercury Graphics Engine performance for Photoshop CC; a new Curvature tool in Illustrator CC; interactive EPUB support in InDesign CC; SVG and Synchronized Text support in Muse CC; GPU-optimized playback for viewing high resolution 4K and UltraHD footage in Premiere Pro CC; and HiDPI and new 3D support in After Effects CC.

Besides that, Adobe revealed it would be enhancing its Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC with touch support for devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Windows 8 touch-enabled laptops. Demonstrating new touch features, Adobe showed how its Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC could automatically alter its UI into a touch-friendly environment when it detects the user detaching the keyboard from the Surface Pro 3 tablet. On top of that, Adobe demonstrated how one could have total control of the application using just the touch UI and how you could create cutting-edge designs on Illustrator CC using the stylus on the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella (left), made a special appearance at Adobe MAX 2014 to talk about Microsoft's support for touch in Windows. Joining him on stage is Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen (right).

All Creative Cloud users will also gain access to the all-new Creative Profile that allows them to connect creatives to their work, their assets and online communities. With the Creative Profile, files, photos, colors, brushes, fonts, textstyles, graphics and all other assets will always be available to them in the cloud. The Creative Profile is accessible from one app to another and in any device, allowing professionals to work and access their profile wherever they are.

The new mobile app updates include:-

  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch (iPad) - based on the Sketch app released in June this year, the updated and rebranded app comes with five new built-in expressive brushes. It also allows users to import custom brushes created with the new Adobe Brush CC app.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix (iPhone / iPad) - updated with improvements to compositing capabilities as well  as integration with Photoshop CC. The new Adobe Photoshop Mix will also be available on iPhones.
  • Adobe Lightroom (iPhone / iPad) - the new updated app now allows families and friends to select their favorites and leave comments for photos shared online using Lightroom web. The new app will also read GPS information from iPhone photos and sync with the Lightroom desktop app.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw (iPad) - formerly known as Adobe Ideas, the new app gives users access to their vector drawing tools and features from Adobe Ideas in a new streamlined and modern interface. It also supports Adobe Ink and Slide, Touch Slide and the new Adobe Shape CC.
  • Adobe Illustrator Line (iPad) - the updated app now allows users to send drawn vectors to Adobe Illustrator CC, giving them full access to the original vector paths for editing. The app also allows you to access high quality, royalty free content such as icons, drawings and patters for use in your drawings.
  • Adobe Color CC (iPhone) - formerly known as Adobe Kuler, the app lets you capture colors and save them as themes that can be immediately used in other Adobe apps including Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.

New mobile apps introduced include :-

  • Adobe Premiere Clip (iPhone / iPad)- the new Premiere Clip app allows you to edit videos shot on the iPhone or iPad into amazing videos that you can share. Projects created on Premiere Clip syncs across all devices automatically, allowing one to start the project on one device and continue on another. It also connects to Adobe Premiere Pro CC via Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Brush CC (iPhone / iPad) - the new app allows users to craft unique brushes on either the iPad or iPhone, to be used in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app. Users can use the app to capture any images and simply convert it into beautiful and high-quality brushes.
  • Adobe Shape CC (iPhone / iPad)- the app lets you create vector shapes captured on your iPhone or iPad by simply converting a high-contrast photo of anything into vector art. The vector shape can be used in Illustrator CC and Adobe Illustrator Line via Creative Cloud libraries.

The new mobile apps will only be available for download on iOS (iPad and/or iPhone). For now, these apps will not be available for Android or Windows Phone although Adobe did indicate that they have plans to develop and make them available in the near future.

The full suite of mobile apps, available for download today in the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Adobe Brush CC - capturing and creating fun and creative brushes with your iPhone or iPad.

The new Adobe Shape CC app lets you create vector art from high contrast images captured on the iPhone and iPad camera.

The new Adobe Premiere Clip lets you create and edit videos captured on your iPhone and iPad.

If the new Adobe Premiere Clip's basic editing features were not enough for you, the clip can be easily transferred to the Premiere CC desktop application via Creative Cloud.

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