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Adidas Launches Mobile App to Track Football Shots

By Leo Boon Yeow - on 2 Aug 2013, 1:24pm

Adidas Launches Mobile App to Track Football Shots

Adidas has just announced a unique iPhone app (world's first according to Adidas) that lets users record, track and analyse their football shots. The app, called the Adidas Snapshot for obvious reasons, uses an algorithm that examines the images captured by the phone to calculate the speed, angle and flight time of every shot.

A set of results from the data collected will then be produced, allowing the user to use the information to improve their kicking technique. Users can then choose to share their fantastic football skills with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, or challenge their friends for the highest scores and achievements.

Bob Kirk, Senior Development Engineer, adidas Innovation Team, said, “We are very excited by the launch of Snapshot, a cutting edge smartphone app which will help fans with the analysis and improvement of their own game. Some of our leading players have already enjoyed using the app and it keeps adidas at the forefront of innovation and technology in football.”

The embedded Youtube video features Spurs football star, Gareth Gale (who is said to be worth £100 million, and might be on his way to Real Madrid) giving the app a go, and challenging users to prove that they're better than him. 

The app is now available on the Apple App Store in 18 different languages, and can be downloaded for free

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