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ADATA shows off world's first XPG RGB SO-DIMMs, NGSFF SSDs, and more at CES 2018

By Team HardwareZone & Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 13 Jan 2018, 6:25am

ADATA shows off world's first XPG RGB SO-DIMMs, NGSFF SSDs, and more at CES 2018


ADATA is another company that has brought its innovative products to the CES 2018. Among these products are the world's first XPG RGB SO-DIMM memory modules, new form factor NSFF ultra-fast PCle SSDs, NV-DIMM memory modules, and the latest wireless charging and storage products.

XPG RGB Gaming Memory Modules and Professional Gaming Headset

XPG, ADATA's label of gaming products, has revealed its brand new RGB DDR4 memory modules, the Spectrix D60RGB DDR4, which features a maximum speed of 4,600MHz, as well as the Spectrix DS40 DDR4 SO-DIMM, the world’s first RGB SO-DIMM. Both models are equipped with XPG Auro Sync software for users to adjust the lighting atmosphere, giving mini-system modders new options during their customization.

The debut of the EMIX H40 high-quality headset provides field-optimized sound mode, letting players quickly enter the game. The EMIX H40 is particularly suitable for first-person shooting (FPS) games due to its optimized listening Bit-Technology, which provides more accurate sound, allowing users to clearly hear everything around them. Another new audio product is the EMIX I30 in-ear earphones, which not only touts 5.2-channel surround sound for 3D surround sound, but also supports multiple platforms and applications, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 VR, HTC Vive, Xbox One, smartphone, and tablet. Users can easily control and enjoy the sound effect in any game.


New Form Factor and Extreme Speed Next Generation PCIe SSDs

In response to the fast-growing smart city and gaming market demands, ADATA is also demonstrating a brand new series of PCIe SSDs. The consumer-grade SX8200 PCIe Gen3x4 SSD features the latest NVMe 1.3 standard and the latest 64-layer 3D NAND technology with read or write speeds of up to 3200/1700MBps. With ADATA Suite, users will see the RAID applications of the SX8200 and be amazed at its read and write performance of 5900/3300MBps.

And for the very first time, ADATA will unveil a new form factor NGSFF SSD (Next Generation Small Form Factor) that supports larger capacities and hot-swap capabilities beyond those of existing M.2 SSDs. There's also the latest enterprise-class U.2 SSD, the SR2000SP, which offers 8TB of ultra-high capacity and with read and write speeds of up to 3200/2400MBps, ideal for data center or server applications.

ADATA A2 microSD card.

Wireless Charging, USB-C, A2 Memory Cards, and External Storage

Also on display is a vast array of mobile accessories. The CW0050 is a 6mm ultra-thin wireless charging pad that supports the Qi wireless charging standard for the latest mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8.

The exclusive USB-C 3.1, 2-in-1 charging cable not only offers up to 5Gbps transfer speed for mobile phones through a USB-C connector, but also supports smartphones with a micro-USB connector.

For Android users, this card meets SD Association's latest Application Performance Class A2 standard, which means it is optimized for running apps off it.

The three new power banks with high density battery cells, the P10050, P16750, and the P20010, provide a lightweight and versatile choice of colors and capacities.

ADATA continues to develop new options of external hard drives and SSDs, such as the 5TB HD330, the camo HD710M Pro, and the 1TB USB-C external SSD SE730H.

ADATA CW0050 wireless charging pad.

ADATA HD710M Pro portable storage.

NV-DIMM Server Memory Modules for AI Deep Learning

NV-DIMMs designed for critical applications for use in data centers are also being showcased at CES. A combination of DRAM and SSD, the NV-DIMM server memory modules can effectively improve computing efficiency, extend SSD life, and prevent the risk of unexpected DRAM data loss from unexpected power failures. Since AI deep learning requires a large number of non-stop data operations, NV-DIMMs are thus suitable for use in this field.


Catching up with the technology development of artificial intelligence, ADATA is introducing two new robots (smart learning play pals) at CES. These robots connect to a cloud service platform to frame artificial intelligence for voice interaction, and offer remote monitoring security features. They - Moonbubu and Moonbobo - are designed to be kids friendly, and ADATA hopes they can help create a happy and learning environment for the children's growing years.

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