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Activision is taking Netflix to court for "poaching" their Chief Financial Officer

By Kenneth Ang - on 7 Dec 2020, 5:39pm

Activision is taking Netflix to court for "poaching" their Chief Financial Officer

Image: Activision, Netflix

Be it a regular high school project, a large corporate effort, or even the Olympics, it's normal for people to want the best and most talented individuals on their team. Sometimes, they might even go so far as to steal them from other factions.

Speaking of "talent theft", in that sense, Activision is seeking a permanent injuction against Netflix for "poaching" its former Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann. After his departure from the game developer back in 2018, Neumann went over to Netflix as its top-ranked finance executive, a post that he still holds. 

According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by Deadline (thanks!), the former's main allegation is that Netflix knowingly and intentionally "induced Neumann to breach his employment contract with Activision.", and that such actions are unethical and duly punishable under California law. It also mentions that the incident involving Neumann originated from a period when both companies were discussing "a commercial partnership to distribute Activision's linear media content.", where the streaming giant attempted to "induce Neumann to breach his fiduciary obligations with Activision". 

As such, they are seeking a permanent injuction from the courts to prevent Netflix from "poaching" or soliciting any more of their staff, as well as to acquire compensatory damages. At the present moment, the latter has yet to respond to the allegations, but given the influence of both companies in the tech sphere, this is one case we'll definitely be keeping a close eye on.

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