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Acronis announces Acronis Backup 12, its latest enterprise data backup solution

By Koh Wanzi - on 20 Jul 2016, 7:08pm

Acronis announces Acronis Backup 12, its latest enterprise data backup solution

Image Source: Acronis

Acronis today announced Acronis Backup 12, its latest data backup solution intended to help businesses secure their digital assets across different IT environments. Today’s businesses hardly ever store data in a single location, and Acronis Backup 12 is designed to backup and protect company data whether it resides in the cloud, on premises, or across myriad virtual and physical systems and employee devices.

According to the company, legacy backup solutions provide inadequate levels of protection because of the growing complexity of modern IT infrastructures, which often comprise multiple physical systems, virtual environments, cloud workloads, and even mobile devices.

This translates into more potential targets and vulnerabilities. For instance, there has been a staggering 400 percent increase in ransomware attacks on mobile devices since 2014.

In this light, Acronis Backup 12 offers a single unified solution to address the evolving needs of companies that store their data across multiple systems and environments.

The idea is to make everything easy to manage from one place and give IT managers the control they need to ensure the security of their firm’s assets. For instance, they can easily check to see where the data is located and who has access to it, even when it is stored in the cloud. They will also be able to migrate data, applications, and systems to any platform.

As an enterprise solution, there’s also comprehensive data protection support for Microsoft infrastructure and applications, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Exchange, Office365, SharePoint, Active Directory, Windows Server, Azure, and Azure Stack.

But the whole point of a backup solution is to deal with unexpected data losses as well, and should that happen, Acronis says businesses will have access to a range of recovery options, including file, email, and database recovery. This also extends to things like bare-metal recovery, active restore, cloud disaster recovery, and even physical data shipment.

Acronis Backup 12 is now available in Singapore, and interested parties should contact a local Acronis partner from the directory here.

Source: Acronis

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