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The Acer Predator Thronos Air gaming chair costs US$13,999 and has a massage function

By Koh Wanzi - on 5 Sep 2019, 1:23am

The Acer Predator Thronos Air gaming chair costs US$13,999 and has a massage function

Image Source: Acer

Just imagine one of these in your bedroom. It's a giant steel contraption, a cockpit almost, featuring a chair, desk, and monitor arms all rolled into one outlandish rig. It even emits a soft blue glow. It seems like announcing one crazy gaming chair last year wasn't enough, and Acer is back at IFA a year later with the Predator Thronos Air, a newer version that is somewhat more accessible than its predecessor. 

And by accessible, I mean it costs a cool US$13,999, which while still insane, is actually half the US$30,000 price tag of the original Predator Thronos gaming chair.

This year's Predator Thronos Air comes with three monitor mounts, an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray, a deployable footrest, and also a cable management system to route your wires more neatly. Acer wants you to get comfortable, and there are several accessories available to help you settle in, including a cup holder, a headset holder, a USB hub, and a camera. You can even opt for a seat stabiliser to prevent the chair from moving around during gaming sessions. Unfortunately, an actual gaming PC is not supplied. 

The chair can be adjusted to various angles – 130° inside the cabin and 180° outside – but it lacks the powered recline mode of last year's model that will let you tilt the entire thing by 140°. Incidentally, the Predator Thronos chair also required you to install it on the ground floor and have a floor that can support at least 324kg. 

However, there's something the Predator Thronos Air can do that its bigger sibling cannot. It has massage motors built into it, so it can massage your back for you. And if you want a massage while you game, that'll work as well. 

The chair is set to release in Q4 2019.

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