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6 new Apple Watch models appear in Eurasian database

By Cookie Monster - on 21 Aug 2018, 12:00am

6 new Apple Watch models appear in Eurasian database

Image source: Consomac

Apple is likely to announce as many as 6 new Apple Watch models next month.

Consomac spotted 6 new Apple Watch model identifiers in the Eurasian economic database, which is an accurate source of leaks on Apple’s upcoming products. 

The six new model identifiers suggest that Apple could be streamlining the smartwatch lineup to just three models. The current Apple Watch Series 3 has 8 models which consist of the 3 cellular models and 1 GPS-only model in two different sizes. Another possibility could be the removal of the ceramic model due to its expensive price tags and low customer demand. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 is said to come with a display which is 15% bigger than the current model, a “more trendy form factor design”, more sensors and better battery life. 

Source: Consomac via 9to5Mac

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