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Here are 4 new impactful AI features coming to Android 15 phones

By Cheryl Tan - on 18 May 2024, 12:08pm

Here are the new AI features built into Google's upcoming Android 15 OS

Note: This article was first published on 15 May 2024.

Source: Google.

With AI being a key focus for Google, it’s hardly surprising to see plenty of AI features make its way to Android 15, with Google’s latest Gemini AI model being integrated into the operating system as well. Here are some of the new and impactful AI features that we can expect to see being rolled out to Android smartphones in the near future.

1) Circle to Search coming to far more devices

First launched earlier this year with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Circle to Search is now built directly into Android 15 and upgraded with new abilities. Full-screen translation is available, and students might also find Circle to Search more useful moving forward.

When a physics or maths word question is circled, step-by-step instructions will be provided on how to solve the question, and Circle to Search is set to be able to solve even more complex problems with symbolic formulas, diagrams, graphs and more later this year. 

According to Google, Circle to Search is already available on more than 100 million devices, with availability expanded to more Pixel and Samsung devices in recent times through software updates. Google is expecting to double that figure by the end of the year, so we’re definitely hopeful that the feature will be coming to more Android phones soon.

2) Access and make use of Gemini better

Source: Google.

If you recall, Google’s Bard got renamed to Gemini earlier this year, with Gemini able to be used in different Google apps if one subscribes to a Gemini Advanced Subscription. In order to promote this better, Google has announced that Gemini’s app overlay will soon be available to be brought up on top of apps for users to more readily access its free AI features and explore paid ones too.

Generated images can be dragged and dropped into Gmail or Google Messages, and if you’re looking to find specific information in a YouTube video or PDF, you’ll be able to “ask this video” or “ask this PDF” (though the latter is part of Gemini Advanced subscription). Google is expecting this update to roll out over the upcoming months to hundreds of millions of devices.

3) Gemini Nano to help those visually challenged

For people who are worried about privacy, Google has included a built-in, on-device foundation model called Gemini Nano that keeps information completely private while still being able to let users experience full multimodal capabilities.

Gemini Nano’s multimodal capabilities will be available in TalkBack, allowing for visually impaired people to get richer, clearer descriptions of images. Google states that TalkBack users come across 90 unlabelled images a day on average, with this new update helping to fill in missing information quickly. Because Gemini Nano is on-device, there’s no need for a network connection needed for this feature to work.

4) Get alerted if a call could be a potential scam

Source: Google.

Fraud and scam calls have been on the rise lately, and Google has been testing an opt-in feature that utilises Gemini Nano to provide real-time alerts during a call if conversation patterns associated with scams are detected. An example would be if a “bank representative” requests for you to urgently transfer funds or requests personal information like card PINs and passwords. This feature also happens on-device, ensuring conversations stay private. More information about this feature will be shared later this year.

Source: Google newsroom

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