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Here are 3 ways Gemini AI will fast track your everyday tasks on Gmail, Docs, Drive and more

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 15 May 2024, 2:00pm

Here are 3 ways Gemini AI will fast track your everyday tasks on Gmail, Docs, Drive and more

AI is everywhere. (Image Source: Google)

With brand new upgrades to Gemini, the AI model now brings advanced natural language processing capabilities to your Google Workspace - namely, Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, and Sheets. The improvement looks to boost productivity for Workspace users with better summarisation, question-answering and content generation across multiple languages.

1) Gemini on the Side

Gemini can work across the Google Workspace apps. (Image Source: Google)

Starting today, Gemini, which is present in the side panel of Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, and Sheets, will be upgraded to version 1.5 of Gemini Pro, which was first introduced in December 2023. This new version boasts a longer context window and advanced reasoning capabilities, enabling Gemini to answer a wider range of questions and provide more insightful responses.

Gemini makes it easy to get started, with summaries appearing in the side panel and suggested prompts to guide your queries. The longer context window allows Gemini to reference larger sets of data, helping it manage information better.

For example, you can use the side panel in Gmail to summarise long email threads or from a specific sender. For example, you can start a query with “summarise what happened today,” and instantly get the most important details and highlights of the day -- despite the fact that the email thread or trail has been ongoing for a longer period of time. Alternatively, you can find documents in Drive and extract specific information such as contact information and key points and insert the results into an email to share with others.

One impressive demo that Google showcased was to invoke multiple workflows in a single query. For example, let's say you're viewing an email with an expenditure receipt. Gemini on the side panel could suggest if you want it to organize and track your receipts; once you acknowledge this suggestion to be invoked, Gemini comes up with two action suggestions:

  • A) To add all similar receipts to a new foldaer in your Drive.
  • B) To track these in a new spreadsheet with relevant details such as vendor, date and cost.

You can choose to accept one of these tasks or accept both. Additionally, Gemini also offers to automate this task for all future encounters upon receiving an email with an attachment that looks like a receipt. Watch this impressive workflow in action at this timestamp of the Google I/O 2024 keynote:-

Gemini in the Workspace side panel is now available for Worksapce Labs and Gemini for Worksapce Alpha users. It will be available next month on desktop for businesses and consumers through Gemini for Workspace add-ons and the Google One AI Premium plan.

2) Power up your Gmail Mobile through Gemini enhancements

Summarise your email threads. (Image Source: Google)

One of the new features mentioned during the Google I/O keynote is the ability to summarise emails. This feature was previously available on the desktop Gmail but is now coming to mobile Gmail. With this feature, Gemini can analyse email threads and provide a summarised view directly in the Gmail App. To get started, tap the summarise button found at the top of your email thread to get the highlights. 

Another feature getting an AI upgrade is the smart reply. As it stands, smart replies can only suggest simple replies such as “thank you” or “noted, with thanks.” With Gemini, Gmail will now offer even more detailed suggested replies based on the context of your email thread. With Contextual Smart Reply, you can edit or simply send the reply as it is. 

Additionally, there is also a brand new Gmail Q&A, which allows you to ask Gemini for help with specific tasks. With a Gemini icon in the mobile app, Gemini in Gmail will offer helpful options like “summarise this email,” “suggest a reply,” and more. You can also use the open prompt box when you have more specific requests such as asking Gemini to look for details on other workspace applications like Google Docs with a query like “What are the questions to ask in next week’s meeting?”

When to expect feature availability?

  • Summarize Emails:  Available to Workspace Labs users this month and to all Gemini for Workspace customers and Google One AI Premium subscribers next month (June).
  • Smart Reply:  Available to Workspace Labs users on mobile and web starting in July. 
  • Gmail Q&A: Available to Workspace Labs users on mobile and web starting in July.

3) Write more in different languages

More languages will be supported in the future. (Image Source: Google)

Google has now added more language support for more Gemini for Workspace features. Having recently announced the Translate for Me feature in Google Meet with automatic language detection and real-time translated captions, Gemini will now support more languages. Help me write in Gmail and Docs will now support Spanish and Portuguese with more languages to be added over time.

Source: Google Newsroom

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