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2020 MSI gaming systems get gameplay boosts with AI infused MSI Dragon Centre 2020

By Vijay Anand - on 7 Jan 2020, 8:47pm

Dragon Centre 2020 ushers in AI smarts and gameplay enhancements to 2020 MSI gaming systems

Going hand in hand with an abundance of new gaming hardware coming out progressively in the months ahead, MSI is also beefing up its engineering efforts on the software front to match the new capabilities afforded by the latest hardware to unleash new gameplay features and enhancements that will further seal MSI’s gaming ecosystem strategy.

All the latest processors, such as Intel’s 10th generation Core processors, have features to boost AI processing tasks. Putting them to new processing capabilities to good use, the MSI Dragon Centre 2020 can offer a new level of system enhancement at the gameplay level. This also means the MSI Dragon Centre 2020 is limited to only the latest product launches, but it’s a step in the right direction to progress capabilities to match the new hardware.

Game Highlights automatically records key moments of your gameplay. Convenient!

Among the newest and most interesting feature to use the AI smarts is Game Highlights. Supported on games like PUBG and Fortnite (at least for starters), Game Highlights records and captures your gameplay highlights automatically across victories, key stages/advancements and loses combined. This is a tremendous time saver against capturing the entire gameplay and then spending lengthy times to edit to your needs. MSI says they intend to work hard to get this feature going for even more popular game titles. Here’s a video clip with an MSI spokesperson on this feature:-

How about a more visible crosshair to increase your snipping chances? Well, MSI has exhaustive Crosshair Display control pat down to assist you.

There’s even Smart Key illumination that highlights core key functions with respect to different games that are in the MSI Dragon Centre 2020’s working database. Should changes be made to respective key combinations, the key illumination will be updated too.

Another key piece of the MSI Dragon Centre 2020 is its One-Click Optimizations. While it has existed since 2018, its control capabilities have advanced to factor in the trinity of optimization (performance vs. battery life vs. acoustics) for various user scenarios that are neatly laid out in the updated interface:- Extreme Performance, Balanced, Silent, Creator Mode, and a Custom mode.

The updated Dragon Centre has a much more modern UI that keeps up with current typography and visual presentation trends. Good job with the simplicity and modern look, MSI.

The custom profile lets you dictate various parameters as you see suitable. If you don't intend to fiddle with this, the other presets should do the trick.

Similarly, there are presets to tweak your display settings to better suit the task at hand.

System monitoring built within the MSI Dragon Centre...

... and you could choose to bring up the necessarily system vitals directly within gameplay.

Along with each scenario having a certain bias towards one of the three optimization vectors (or none at all), One-Click Optimization also binds other preferential options such as display colour mode, keyboard lighting preferences, switching audio modes, prioritizing system processes, and even freeing up memory by suspending unnecessary tasks.

Here’s everything else that MSI’s Dragon Centre 2020 is using AI to optimize your MSI gaming machine:-

As mentioned earlier, MSI’s Dragon Centre 2020 will be pre-loaded on all new gaming notebooks and systems shipping to retail later this year.

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