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100-inch Laser TV from LG brings Space Saving Home Theatre Experience

By Vijay Anand - on 8 Jan 2013, 2:05am

100-inch Laser TV from LG brings Space Saving Home Theatre Experience

Based on an ultra short throw (UST) projection unit and laser-based illumination system, LG today launched their 100-inch Laser TV (previously codenamed Hecto).

Traditional 100-inch LCD TVs aren’t new, but they cost a bomb. The only alternative is to purchase a home theatre projector and screen but you would need a significant projection distance (typically more than 3 meters) to obtain a 100-inch screen size. The laser TV system from LG manages to accomplish this with a mere 56cm (22 incehes) distance between the screen and the lens, significantly reducing space requirements. This enables users to set up a huge screen in many more other possible locations within their home that was previously not possible.

The sleek and compact ultra short throw projection unit only requires a screen to lens distance of 22 inches to project a 100-inch cinematic experience.

The accompanying 100-inch screen is simple, neat and neutral in design.

While pricing isn’t available at this point of time, we’ve reason to believe that it should be reasonably affordable given that it’s using projection technology. The system consists of two portions, the laser projection unit (that’s just 5.7-inch in height) and a 100-inch screen that has an understated design to suit any interior décor. The projection unit supports full HD display resolution with a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and is equipped with twin 10-watt speakers that support virtual surround sound.

Other features include:- LG Smart TV platform, Magic Remote, Intel WiDi and Wi-Fi support.

Here's the laser projection unit and the 100-inch screen at work.

As seen in this photo, the unit can be placed as close to 15cm from the screen and  at that placement, the laser lens projection would be about 56cm from the screen.

Source: LG

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