Sonos Move 2 review

Sonos Move 2 review: Fantastic sound for every room (and the outdoors)

The Sonos Move 2 isn't the smallest of portable speakers, but produces larger-than-life sound and can be taken outdoors. Just don't bring it for a dip. #sonos #move2
Sonos Era 100 review

Sonos Era 100 Review: Now streaming in stereo

The Era 100 is Sonos' newest entry-level speaker. So what exactly do you get when you go for Sonos' cheapest. Let's find out.
A feature on Apple HomePod (2nd generation)

Apple HomePod & HomePod mini review: Sounds fantastic but which is better for you?

The HomePod and HomePod mini are finally available in Singapore. But which should you get? Or should you even get one? Answers to these questions and more inside.
Sonos Roam portable speaker review

Sonos Roam review: A super portable speaker that melds into your existing Sonos setup

While Creative might have made some headway in the field of capable portable speakers, the Sonos Roam enters the fray much later, but also with much more finesse.
Creative Stage Air V2 review

Creative Stage Air V2 review: A versatile and affordable desktop soundbar

At just S$69, the Creative Stage Air V2 offers a lot of versatility and bang for buck in any desktop set-up.
Sony SRS-RA5000 & SRS-RA3000 wireless speaker hands-on: Immerse yourself in sound
First looks at the Sonos Playbase: Park your TV over this sound system

First looks at the Sonos Playbase: Park your TV over this sound system

We got an early audition session with Sonos' latest speaker that fits under the TV for movies and music - the Playbase. This could be your all-in-one audio solution, so step right in to find out why.
Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro  review

Sound Blaster Roar Pro review: Stepping up to the Pros

The latest Sound Blaster Roar is a "Pro" version of its popular portable speaker and it adds loudspeaker capabilities with an optional wireless microphone to further leverage on the big sound Creative's speakers have come to be known for. We put it through its paces to see if it performs just as well as its predecessors.
Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 review

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2: Same same but different

Creative's original Sound Blaster Roar was quite the runaway hit when it was released, and now the new Sound Blaster Roar 2 looks to fill the needs of customers who loved the sound of the original Roar, but wanted something a little more portable. We put it through its paces to see how it fares.
Creative Sound Blaster Roar review

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Wireless Speaker - Proof that The Best Things Come in Small Packages

We saw the Creative Sound Blaster Roar earlier this year at CES and were blown away by its sheer output at its price point. Our initial preview article captured our first impressions of this punchy little wireless speaker after spending some time with it in a special session held at Creative's HQ. We've now obtained the final retail unit for review, so dive in and find out our final verdict!