OPPO Watch X hands-on: Anything can be a strenuous activity if you try hard enough

OPPO Watch X hands-on: Anything can be a strenuous activity if you try hard enough

It's designed to be a statement piece, fitness tracker, and lifestyle tracker rolled into one. #oppo #watchx #smartwatch
Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro review

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro review: With great hardware should come great software too

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro is probably the most affordable, and powerful Wear OS smartwatch right now, but its software experience needs to catch up. #xiaomi #wearos #smartwatch
Google Pixel Watch 2 review

Google Pixel Watch 2 review: A Wear OS evolution or Fitbit Sense 2 in disguise?

Is the Google Pixel Watch 2 just a round Fitbit Sense 2 running Wear OS 4, or is there more to it? #google #pixelwatch2 #fitbit #wearos
Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) review

Huawei Watch GT 4 (46mm) review: The classy, affordable, all-inclusive smart fitness wearable

The Huawei Watch GT 4 offers classy smarts, long battery life, and premium health tracking that works with both Android and iOS. #huawei #watchgt4 #wearable
A feature on Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 review: Quiet evolution

This year’s Apple Watches get a new processor and some interesting new features, but does that mean you should upgrade? #apple #applewatchultra2 #applewatchseries9
A feature on Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic review: Still the best Android smartwatch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series brings back the Classic rotating bezel, but with a larger, brighter and sharper screen, maybe it doesn't matter any more.
Apple Watch Series 7 review

Apple Watch Series 7 review: Solid and capable, but not groundbreaking

It’s another year of small incremental updates to the Apple Watch. Is the Apple Watch Series 7 still the best smartwatch for iPhone users? And is it a worthy upgrade?
Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000 review

Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000 review: A taste of high-end G-Shock

Does a G-Shock with a four-figure price tag make any sense?
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 video review: The best smartwatch on Android?

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 ticks all the right boxes for Android owners looking for a comprehensive smartwatch experience, so what's the catch?
Oppo Watch review

Oppo Watch video review: Good first attempt let down by Wear OS

The Oppo Watch has an impressive build quality though and with prices starting from just S$299, would you get one?