Sony 84-inch X9000 4K Bravia LED TV review

First Looks: Sony Bravia KD-84X9000 LED TV

We had the opportunity to run our own video materials by Sony's true 4K screen recently. Read on if you'd like to know how the Bravia X9000 fared.
Televisions, They Are A-Changin'

Televisions, They Are A-Changin'

The television industry is transiting into a peculiar phase. It's a time where 4K LCD TVs and the soon-to-arrive OLED displays are beginning to emerge in tandem. Assuming you have the money, would you rather spend the precious dough on an OLED TV or a 4K UHD display? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.
LG 84-inch LM9600 UD 3D TV review

First Looks: LG 84-inch LM9600 Ultra Definition Cinema 3D Smart TV

Will LG be able to justify the S$24,999 price tag for its 84-inch 4K-resolution mega screen? We took a ride down to LG's flagship store to give the huge screen a once-over as soon as it arrived. Here's our take.