Pikmin 4 review

Pikmin 4 (Switch) review: A perfect introduction to the series for newcomers

The game continues the tradition of the series but offers a fresh twist to the story right from the start.
Minecraft Legends review

Minecraft Legends (PC) review: A refreshing take on the much-beloved series

Despite it being a different breed of RTS, Minecraft Legends is still plenty of fun.
Deal Alert: The School Holiday Edition

Deal Alert: The School Holiday Edition

As the kids take a break from school, take a look at these offers to help keep them occupied.
Deal Alert: 6 April 2020 *Updated*

Deal Alert: 6 April 2020 *Updated*

Let’s keep connected and in touch as we work away from the office
NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower Casing Special Edition review

NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition - A Hybrid Giant

The NZXT Switch 810 has been given a minor refresh in the form of a limited edition matte finish model. We check out this hybrid full tower casing to see if it's the casing hardcore enthusiasts want.