Sonos Move 2 review

Sonos Move 2 review: Fantastic sound for every room (and the outdoors)

The Sonos Move 2 isn't the smallest of portable speakers, but produces larger-than-life sound and can be taken outdoors. Just don't bring it for a dip. #sonos #move2
Sonos Era 100 review

Sonos Era 100 Review: Now streaming in stereo

The Era 100 is Sonos' newest entry-level speaker. So what exactly do you get when you go for Sonos' cheapest. Let's find out.
A feature on Apple HomePod (2nd generation)

Apple HomePod & HomePod mini review: Sounds fantastic but which is better for you?

The HomePod and HomePod mini are finally available in Singapore. But which should you get? Or should you even get one? Answers to these questions and more inside.
Sonos Roam portable speaker review

Sonos Roam review: A super portable speaker that melds into your existing Sonos setup

While Creative might have made some headway in the field of capable portable speakers, the Sonos Roam enters the fray much later, but also with much more finesse.
Deal Alert: The 12.12 edition *Updated*

Deal Alert: The 12.12 edition *Updated*

We wind out the year with our final bumper deal special just to make Christmas that extra special for you and your loved ones.
Google Nest Audio review

Google Nest Audio review: Great room-filling sound in a small package

Google's second-generation flagship home smart speaker has a lot to like about if you're invested in the Google ecosystem.
Google Nest Hub at a glance: Your very own smart home command center

Google Nest Hub at a glance: Your very own smart home command center

Here are 6 reasons why Google Nest Hub is your very own, ideal personalized smart home control hub.
Apple HomePod review

Apple HomePod review: It's a tough sell

We tell you if Apple's first smart assistant speaker is any good.