Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition review

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition review: Razer's best keyboard yet

Razer's shift toward simpler designs is pretty sweet. Here's another example why.
Mechanical keyboard switches in a nutshell

Mechanical keyboard switches in a nutshell

There are countless switch types to choose from today. Here's the lowdown on how they stack up against each other.
Razer Huntsman Elite review

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard review: Actuation at the speed of light

The Huntsman Elite is a brand new mechanical gaming keyboard from Razer and it's their flagship. It also has a price that reflects that at S$339.90, which makes it one of the most expensive keyboards you can buy. Are the optical switches and all the bells and whistles that come with it worth it? Should you get Razer's new flagship mechanical keyboard?
Zowie Celeritas II review

Zowie Celeritas II review: Smooth operator

The Zowie Celeritas II is a bit of a rarity in the mechanical keyboard world because it’s one of the few gaming keyboards that doesn’t use a Cherry MX-style switch.