App Attack #014: Vroom Vroom!

App Attack #014: Vroom Vroom!

Everyone is caught up with F1's fever and we are no exception. For this edition of App Attack, we have compiled a list of five apps for to keep you on the edge of the driver's seat!
HTC EVO 3D review

HTC Evo 3D - Evolutionary Gimmick?

As a smartphone, the HTC Evo 3D is more than capable with its impressive hardware. But is its headline 3D features nothing more than a gimmick? Here's what we think of this Google Android 2.3 smartphone.
BlackBerry Torch 9810 review

First Looks: BlackBerry Torch 9810

The successor of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 comes in a similar form factor with a faster 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM and sports the new BlackBerry 7 OS. Is it a good upgrade? We check that out.
LG Optimus 3D review

LG Optimus 3D - Keepin' it Real

Will the new dual-core, 3D-enabled LG Optimus 3D smartphone offer users a unique experience? It may not be the sleekest around, but it is one of the better endowed phones as far as 3D features are concerned. More details after the jump.
App Attack #013: One Button Games

App Attack #013: One Button Games

While some clamor for motion sensitive, 3D immersive, next-next-gen gaming, many mobile developers know that simple is often better - and what's more simple than a one button game? We share with you some of top gaming apps of this class.
HTC Sensation review

HTC Sensation - The Sensational Android

As dual-core smartphones become a common sight, it's even more important to put themselves in positive limelight with a good feature set. And that's what we'll be sharing in this review of the HTC Sensation, powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and HTC's revamped HTC Sense 3.0 user interface.
A feature on Huawei Boulder

Huawei's Trio of New Android Smartphones

Huawei held a media launch event for its new range of Android smartphones targeting the mass and high segment market. Join us as we check them out.
A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest May 2011 with HTC

A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest May 2011 with HTC

2011 is the year of the tablet, filled with more hardware and software choices. And that's where our PlayTest Lite with HTC came in handy, where we walked participants through a tablet buying guide presentation, giving them the opportunity to play with the HTC Flyer and win one for themselves. Here's what went down at PlayTest Lite with HTC.