OCZ RD400 (512GB) review

OCZ's new flagship RD400 SSD reviewed: A return to form

OCZ has traditionally been one of the top players in high-end SSD storage and we have waited a long time for them to release an NVMe compatible PCIe-based SSD. It's finally here and it doesn't disappoint!
ADATA XPG SX930 (240GB) review

ADATA XPG SX930 SSD: Will gamers bite the bait?

Targeted at gamers, the ADATA XPG SX930 is one of the first drives to use JMicron's new JMF670H controller. It also has something ADATA calls Enterprise-grade MLC NAND flash. What is it exactly and does the JMicron controller have the necessary chops to make it in this competitive space?
A feature on Intel SSD 730 Series (240GB)

Battle of the SSD juggernauts - Intel vs. SanDisk vs. Samsung

Intel, SanDisk and Samsung are three of the biggest names in the flash business. All three have their own NAND production facilities and two of them even produce their own SSD controller. We pit the respective flagship drives from each brand to see who will emerge victorious.
Plextor M6S Series (256GB) review

Plextor M6S (256GB) - Joining the Mainstream Fray

Announced earlier this year at CeBIT 2014, the new Plextor M6S SSD has finally arrived on our shores. We put it through its paces to see how it fares against the current crop of mainstream SSDs.