Google Chromecast review

Google Chromecast - A Tiny, Affordable HDMI Media Streaming Dongle

Simply put, the Google Chromecast is a wireless media streaming device built into a compact HDMI dongle. Even those who aren't interested in Netflix and YouTube are excited about this US$35 device, because its other big feature is to mirror a Chrome browser tab onto the TV. Without further ado, here's our review.
AC Ryan Playon!HD 3D review

AC Ryan Playon!HD 3D Network Media Player - Throwing 3D Into the Mix

AC Ryan's newest HD 3D, is the flagship product in the company's Playon! line of HD media players. Besides including 3D playback into the mix, how else is it different from the earlier Playon!HD2? Join us as we find out.
SITEX 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

SITEX 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Be sure to browse through our buying guide before you head down to SITEX 2012! We have a sumptuous spread of recommended audio-visual products for your consideration, including TVs, home theater systems, projectors, headphones, and media players.
Xtreamer Prodigy Silver review

Xtreamer Prodigy Silver - The Third Dimension

The Prodigy Silver is the latest media player from Xtreamer to feature the Android OS. It sets itself apart from its competitors by including the Android OS as an additional layer but not a compulsory part of its UI. Additionally, it also handles 3D media files. Armed with these features, will the Xtreamer Prodigy Silver set a new standard for media players?
Comex 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Comex 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Hunting for cool audio-visual deals at Comex 2012? Then be sure to check out our recommendations related to HDTVs, projectors, media players, and headsets before you head down to Suntec's Convention Center. Happy shopping!
PC Show 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

PC Show 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

PC Show 2012 has landed at Suntec City! In this guide, you'll find some of the best deals we've rounded up from various AV categories, such as TVs, projectors, media players, and headphones for your audio and visual needs. Have a read before you head down to the show!
Aztech PlayXtreme 2 review

Aztech PlayXtreme 2 - Gingerbread-flavored Media Player

Media players running the Android OS are nothing new now, but it remains an uphill task to make an interface designed with touch input in mind to work well with a remote control. So will Aztech's latest media player/Internet TV hub, the PlayXtreme 2, succeed in this aspect? Let's find out.
A.C.Ryan Veolo review

A.C. Ryan Veolo - Android Inside

With competitors releasing media players that feature integrated Wi-Fi to enable easier access to online services, A.C. Ryan has sought to set the bar higher with their latest offering, the Veolo. A curious amalgamation of media player and the Android OS, we explore if this concept could take off and what Veolo offers.
WD TV Live review

WD TV Live - Great Looking Media Performance

The WD TV Live is a compact full HD media player that sports built-in Wi-Fi and a long list of internet-based services. An attractive user interface doesn't hurt its prospects either. Will all these help it to stand out in an already crowded media player field? Here's our take.
Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

We're here to help you suss out the best HDTV and projector deals at Sitex 2011. While you're at it, why not consider that lovely pair of headphones for your partner or a media player for the whole family?