A feature on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 (Core i5-2520M, 160GB SSD)

Lenovo's New Black Beauty - The ThinkPad X1

We've had the good fortune to have an exclusive first looks session with the much anticipated 13.3-inch Lenovo ThinkPad X1. Find out what we think about it.
Lenovo's Sandy Bridge Refresh - Two By Two We Go

Lenovo's Sandy Bridge Refresh - Two By Two We Go

Lenovo unveiled a total of nine notebooks plus two desktop units branded under their Think and Idea series today. The new fleet will be equipped with Intel's latest 2nd generation Core processors, as well as Lenovo's Enhanced Experience 2.0 certification which boasts of improved startup and shutdown performance on Windows 7.
CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 1)

CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 1)

Highlights from the show floor of CES 2011. In this edition, we've plenty of tablets, notebooks and systems covered, courtesy of Microsoft showcasing the more prominent products from their partners in one location. Also covered are Lenovo's new star products from their booth.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 review

Lenovo IdeaPad Y560: Entertainment Delight

Packed in a 15.6-inch form factor is Lenovo's multimedia machine, the IdeaPad Y560. Boasting of sleek curves and subtle design, the notebook looks ready to entertain with a quad-core CPU and a Mobility Radeon HD 5730 discrete graphics engine. We find out if it lives up to expectations.
Lenovo IdeaPad U460 Notebook review

First Looks: Lenovo IdeaPad U460

Lenovo's latest IdeaPad appears to be one of its sexiest and meanest yet with its streamlined looks and powered by a Core i5 processor. We took the ultra-portable out for a spin to see if its ideas are indeed bright and smart.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P review

First Looks: Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P

Famed for its business ThinkPads, Lenovo has been busy infiltrating the consumer scene with its alternative IdeaPad series as well. We placed the 15.6-inch Y550P through the hoops to see how it stacks up as a an entertainment rig.
Lenovo's Idea of Fun

Lenovo's Idea of Fun

Lenovo launches a whole bunch of new stuff that promises to be fun, fun, fun! We pop on by to find out.
Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 review

First Looks: Lenovo ThinkPad SL410

Offering performance, an unusual glossy design and an affordable price tag, the Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 is a business notebook made for the office warrior.
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t review

First Looks: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t

Lenovo makes a strong case to skip the usual netbook form factor with this foray into the world of tablet computing, the new Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t.
Lenovo Skylight review

Lenovo Skylight Preview: Letting the Light In

Lenovo's Skylight makes its way to our labs for some quick hands-on time. While it's only an engineering unit, the Skylight still manages to impress with its light weight, thin dimensions and overall good looks. Find out more in our preview.