Samsung 46-inch D7000 LED TV review

Samsung 46-inch D7000 3D LED TV - Smart Screen

We reviewed the Samsung flagship 55-inch D8000 back in May, one that's equipped with a Clear Motion Rate of 800Hz. Now it's time to see if its smaller 46-inch D7000 brother can match its 3D and HD expertise with a lesser 600Hz frame rate.
Panasonic VIERA TH-L42E30S LCD TV review

Panasonic VIERA 42-inch E30S LCD TV - Overzealous Luminosity

Last year, Panasonic made their debut on the LED stage with their D-series LCD TVs. This year, it's the E-series turn to shine. Packed with the improved VIERA Connect platform and an IPS Alpha panel, does the E30S has what it takes to keep up with the competition?
HardwareZone's HDTV Buying Guide Essentials

HardwareZone's HDTV Buying Guide Essentials

Unknown to many, buying a television for your home involves more preparation work than anticipated. With our HDTV Buying Guide Essentials, you can now equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make the right purchase instead of regretting an impulsive buy later.
LG 42LV3730 LCD TV  review

LG 42-inch LV3730 LCD TV - Smart Agent

Seldom would you find an affordable LED edge-lit HDTV combined with compelling features, but LG has managed to cram a Smart TV platform as well as convincing picture qualities in the LV3730's slender frame. Armed with Full-HD IPS panel and DLNA support, it's time we dissected this sweet 42-inch model o determine what it can really offer.
Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-60LE925M 3D LED TV review

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 3D TV - Three Dimensional Four-play

Finally here in all its 60-inch glory, we devoted ourselves to the 3D Quattron for a few days to determine its stereoscopic worth. Amassing daunting new technologies such as Sharp's FRED and side scanning LED backlights, we were determined not to let the fluffy tech sway our impressions. Here's our report.
Sony BRAVIA NX810 (KDL-55NX810) review

Sony BRAVIA NX810 3D TV - Next Best Thing

The BRAVIA NX810 is fresh out of the oven with a mean can of display arsenal. Did Sony manage to marry the best of 2D and 3D 1080p visuals in a single display this time? Read on to find out!
Samsung Series 8 3D LED TV review

First Looks - Samsung Series 8 3D LED TV

Samsung has armed the Series 8 with a dazzling load of features such as a 3D-ready panel, entertainment portal and LED backlights with local dimming. Is this 3D TV's performance worthy of its polished looks? Let's find out!
Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-52LE820M LED TV review

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 52-inch LED TV - Gold Getter

Sharp spiced up their AQUOS LED TV series recently by adding a yellow sub-pixel to the conventional RGB formula, and the quad-pixel color technology is probably better known by its "Quattron" moniker. Is it worth its weight in gold? Leave it to us to determine if this 52-inch behemoth is truly capable of scoring livelier hues as advertised.
Sharp's Quattron LED TV Launch - Yellow Joins The RGB Trio

Sharp's Quattron LED TV Launch - Yellow Joins The RGB Trio

Sharp's Quattron LED televisions has nothing to do with quantum physics or Tron. Rather, they are a new generation of LCD panels woven with four primary colors in each pixel. Join us as we check out these slim and sexy Full-HD beauties at the launch.