Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB  review

Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB review: Early mover advantage?

The Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB is one of the first few SSDs that support the new PCIe 4.0 standard to hit the retail market. Will this new drive meet the lofty expectations of the new bus standards? Read on to find out!
WD Blue SSD (1TB) review

WD Blue SSD: A great mainstream SSD from the storage giant

Storage giant Western Digital has recently released its first set of consumer SSDs. We take the WD Blue SSD for a spin and see if it can distinguish itself in the crowded consumer SSD marketplace.
HWZ Deal Alert: 31st March 2017

HWZ Deal Alert: 31st March 2017

TGIF folks! Kickstart your weekend with these great deals we found.
Intel Optane Memory: Doing the math and some initial thoughts

Intel Optane Memory: Doing the math and some initial thoughts

Intel recently announced its new Optane Memory product, which is essentially a caching SSD, does it make any sense in today’s world? I do some maths and share my initial thoughts.
A feature on Plextor M8Pe (512GB)

High-end PCIe SSD shootout: ADATA vs. Plextor vs. OCZ vs. Samsung

SSDs have never been faster, but if you are a performance junkie seeking the absolute best, which should you pick? We pit four of the newest, fastest SSDs in the market today to see who's the ultimate speed king.
Samsung SSD 960 Evo (500GB) review

Samsung SSD 960 Evo: The PCIe SSD mainstream champion

The Samsung SSD 960 Evo is the little brother of the lightning fast SSD 960 Pro. Although it uses TLC V-NAND, Samsung says it'll still be as fast as other PCIe-based SSDs. Let's find out shall we?
Samsung SSD 960 Pro (512GB) review

Samsung SSD 960 Pro review: Raising the bar for SSDs

The Samsung SSD 960 Pro is the flash giant’s latest consumer flagship SSD, and possibly its greatest ever. What makes the SSD 960 Pro so great? In a word - speed. But how fast is it? Read our review to find out.
How to Migrate your System to an SSD (2015 Edition)

How to Migrate your System to an SSD (2015 Edition)

We are updating our SSD migration guide, so whether you are using Windows or Mac, here's how you can clone your existing hard drive onto a spanking new SSD, thereby relieving you of the tedious process of re-installing your OS and apps.
A feature on Intel SSD 750 Series (400GB)

4 High-end PCIe SSD drives tested for your next DIY PC

SSDs are fast, but the SATA interface has been the limiting factor in their performance. If you really want to take your system to the next level, consider these high-end PCIe-based SSDs. We have four such drives tested in great detail!
A feature on Sony SLW-M SSD (480GB)

Entry-level SSD Showdown: OCZ Trion 150 vs. Samsung SSD 750 Evo vs. Sony SLW-M

SSDs have never been more affordable. And in a bid to enable more mainstream users to jump onto the SSD bandwagon, SSD manufacturers are releasing even more affordable SSDs by the day. Here are three of the latest entry-level SSDs from OCZ, Samsung and Sony.