Denon AHD-7100 Headphones review

Denon AHD-7100 Headphones - The Sound of Mahogany

With mahogany ear-cups and professionally tuned 50mm drivers, the Denon AHD-7100 is a premium offering for audiophiles. We put it through its paces to discover if it's really worth S$1699.
Audio Technica ATH-W3000 ANV Headphones review

Audio Technica ATH-W3000 ANV Headphones - Number: 1697

Aiming to provide high-end audio performance, the Audio Technica ATH-W3000ANV is a premium and exclusive pair of headphones that look the part. The question is, will the product be able to deliver on the promise of top-notch sound, or will it fall short of the lofty mark expected? Read on for our evaluation.