WD My Passport SSD (1TB) review

WD My Passport SSD (1TB) review: Speedy pocket storage

How does WD's first portable external SSD fare in our test?
A feature on ADATA SD700 (512GB)

Portable external SSD face-off: ADATA SD700 vs. Samsung T3

Samsung's T3 portable external SSD is one of the best that we have tested so far. Can ADATA's new SD700 surpass it? Read our review to find out!
Samsung Portable SSD T3 (2TB) review

Samsung Portable SSD T3 - A portable HDD for speed freaks

The Portable SSD T3 is Samsung's latest portable SSD drive and is now more capacious than ever, offering up to 2TB of storage. How fast is it? And how does this model improve on last year's? Read on to find out.
Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive (4TB) review

Seagate Backup Plus 4TB HDD: Your digital library in a pocket

Seagate's new Backup Plus with 4TB of capacity is the latest portable external hard disk drive for storage hungry users. Does it offer anything more than just tons of storage space? We find out.
Synology 2016 Conference highlights: New NAS devices, a router and more

Synology 2016 Conference highlights: New NAS devices, a router and more

At the Synology 2016 Conference in Singapore, Synology unveiled its plans for the future, including an updated NAS operating system, a couple of new NAS devices, and its first ever router!
Seagate Seven Portable External Hard Disk Drive review

Seagate Seven: Quite possibly the world's sexiest portable external HDD

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Seagate has unveiled its new Seven portable external hard disk drive. Measuring just 7mm thick, it is the world's thinnest portable external hard disk drive. We check out to see if it offers more than just stunning slim looks.
Samsung Portable SSD T1 (250GB) review

Samsung Portable SSD T1: A rocket in your pocket

Samsung SSDs are amongst the quickest around. And if you crave for such performance when on the go, Samsung has got the Portable SSD T1 for you. We find out if this new external hard disk drive lives up to Samsung's reputation for producing fast flash drives.
A feature on Seagate Backup Plus Fast (4TB)

Seagate Backup Plus Fast vs. Western Digital My Passport Pro - Battle of the 4TB Giants

Whether by chance or calculated planning, both Seagate and Western Digital recently released 4TB portable external hard disk drives. While Western Digital’s drive offers Thunderbolt connectivity, Seagate is adamant that USB 3.0 will suffice. We pit the two against each other to find out which is better.
Exclusive: Seagate Wireless Plus Experience Event for HWZ Members

Exclusive: Seagate Wireless Plus Experience Event for HWZ Members

Over the weekend, Seagate held an exclusive event just for our readers, showcasing their latest Wireless Plus portable hard drive.
SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB review

SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB - Speedy Storage in Your Pocket

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the speedy SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB flash drive boasts file transfer rates of up to 190MB/s, and includes the SanDisk SecureAccess software to safeguard your data. Pegged at a steep S$140, we find out if it's worth your bucks.